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If you are getting married anytime soon, you might already know this; planning a wedding comes with its fair share of challenges. Besides the stress of creating your own centerpieces or bouquets, so many complex logistics go into the planning process. If that is not enough for you to opt-out of the DIY route, you need to consider all options that suggest why you should hire a professional.

Your wedding day should be your way

It is your day, and there are a lot of elements that need to work together to make it perfect for you. Even before the news of your engagement breaks out, you are going to get bombarded with questions regarding your D-day and all necessary details surrounding it. Everything must be perfect, which can be challenging to do unless you are a professional. Our team from HZ Events Elegance has years of knowledge and experience in the field. We are here to work closely with you, understand what you need, and deliver the best results possible.


Professional wedding florists from HZ Events Elegance know when certain varieties of flowers are available around the year and know the best possible substitutions when out of season. We also understand which combination will match perfectly with your overall theme of the event. Our professionals know where to find even the most unique flowers that suppliers ideally do not sell to the general public. Having years of experience, our team also has a few secret tips and tricks on keeping flowers as fresh as new.

Our team knows how to build substantial floral altar installations and create exquisite reception centerpieces, tablespaces, balloon garland, and bridal bouquets. They will also know how to make beautiful floral recipes and understand the number of stems needed for all the designs in a wedding.

Suppose you do not know how to build flouring recipes. In that case, you might end up overspending a lot of money on green tree branches and flowers than you actually need, or will not buy enough and end up scrambling the day trying to find any more lavender roses you ordered but setting with the pink roses available at the grocery store near you.

Time is critical for the wedding

Planning a wedding flower decoration order takes up a lot of time determining the total number of stems you require for all the designs. Whether you are planning on ordering your flowers online or shopping for a lot of flowers at a market or store, it will take up a lot of time. Also, keep in mind that the flowers you buy in bulk come unprocessed and are full of leaves and thorns. It will take you a lot of time and precision to process all the stems before placing them. Whenever our team is preparing for a large wedding order, we may end up spending at least four hours removing the leaves and thorns, cutting any extra stems, and placing them in a bucket of water and floral preservatives. Note that this is all the time we spend before the actual designing process begins.

Remember, those reception centerpieces and bridal bouquets tend to take professionals several hours to design and create. It will take a non-professional twice as long to get the same job done, if not more. You also need to understand that time plays a critical role in flower décor since flowers are perishable. To make your wedding flower decoration look its best, professional florists from HZ Events Elegance design the flowers one day before the wedding to make them look fresh. Any flowers that need to be out of water will be designed as close to the wedding time as possible to ensure they stay fresh and do not wilt.

For a couple about to get married, this is precious, valuable time that is better spent getting pampered, laughing, and having a good time with friends, so you look perfect and feel your best version when walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life. The ultimate pressure of a clock and a legendary list of tasks often translates to stress. Are you sure you want to handle that kind of stress on your D Day?

Our artistic skills are unparallel

We have been providing weddings with floral design services for several years now. The designs from our first wedding flower decoration were decent. Still, they were nowhere close to the level of skill, creativity, beauty, and professionalism we currently provide. It took us years to refine and practice such artistic skills.

One of the favorite things about our work is delivering the final results to the couple and watching them tear up with how beautiful the decor looks. If you take the DIY route and make your own flower décor, you will spend your entire wedding day stressing over getting all the work done and are more likely to resent your wedding flowers, not love them.


It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!

Are you looking for professionals? HZ Events Elegance can help!

We understand that everybody has a clear vision of the style or theme for their wedding. If executed professionally, flower decoration can help you set the style, tone, and overall vibe. Let a professional florist from HZ Events Elegance use their knowledge, planning, management, and high level of artistic skills to help you harmonize your wedding vision into reality and create stunning wedding decor.

If you recently got engaged and are planning a wedding anywhere in the Greater Dallas or Fort Worth Area, our professionals from HZ Events Elegance would love to be your wedding florists! Click here to contact us today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision in detail and how our team can bring it to life using beautiful wedding flowers.

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